Winit Sereeyothin

Managing Director

Mr. Winit Sereeyothin is a problem solver and innovator by nature. Through his years working in multiple departments at Khon Kaen Fishing Net Co.,Ltd (1977), he constantly looked to technology to solve the various problems he came across...

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Meet Our Teams

Team 1
Sale & System Design
The sales and system design team is focused on meeting and gathering information from potential clients. Once the information needed in the design process is gathered, the team will begin designing a custom system that fits the needs and specifications of the client.
Team 2
The research and development team is focused on improving and creating new solutions that can be integrated into an ASRS system.
Team 3
The engineering team creates blueprints and updates design to support the production and design team. The engineering team works closely with the R&D team to continuously improve the components used in the ASRS system.
Team 4
The production team creates parts and spare parts for various components of the ASRS system. Having our own production team greatly improves our service rates and speeds as spare parts are all produced in house.
Team 5
The installation team has special expertise and training in installing the structure and machines required in an ASRS. The skill needed is specialized as installation requires high precision and technical knowledge.
Team 6
After-Sale Service
Our after sales service call center works 24 hours a day. Our service team has more than 20 service team employees, composed of employees of different specialties with certified system installation training. In addition to the 20 service team employees, we have 4 engineers staff on standby to oversee the after sales service operations and to ensure a high speed of service.
Team 7
The control team is in charge of all the controlling aspects of the system. The team focuses on safety and efficiency as the main drivers. All control software are created in house which gives AMW the freedom to customize the software to the client’s needs.
Team 8
IT Team
IT team focuses on creating user interface software for clients to interact with the ASRS. The team has experience in creating software that links different applications and software together. The IT team’s main job is creating warehouse control systems, warehouse management systems and also creating API’s that help link AWM’s ASRS system with any client’s existing softwares (ERP).
Team 9
The support team works as the back office coordinators for AMW and supports every team in areas that are needed. The twenty people listed are coordinators that help coordinate with KIG (AMW’s holding company) as they support us with all back office work.