Winit Sereeyothin



Mr. Winit Sereeyothin is a problem solver and innovator by nature. Through his years working in multiple departments at Khon Kaen Fishing Net Co.,Ltd (1977), he was exposed to many problems and obstacles both in operations and management. Utilizing his passion in innovation and technology he constantly looked to technology to solve the various problems he came across.

About 30 years ago while working in the sales and warehousing department, Mr. Winit developed KKF’s first warehouse management system with the use of one of the early computer systems. After the successful integration of the warehouse management system, Mr. Winit was assigned to the IT department by the board, with the goal of creating a system to manage the warehouse. He first implemented the local area network system to support multi-users in operating the warehouse management system in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

After 10 years of growth, Mr. Winit created the KKF’s R&D team to help support the growing business. The R&D team developed the barcode system to combat the increasing numbers of SKUs by utilizing our in-house produced handheld barcode readers. But the real breakthrough of the R&D team was the development of automated machines. This was when he moved to manage Fortune Machinery, a company created to support KKF. Fortune Machinery focused on producing and improving machines needed in the KKF production line.

In the next decade after the founding of the R&D team and taking over the management of Fortune Machinery, Mr. Winit was able to automate nearly every machine in the fishing net producing process, pushing KKF to become one of the leading fishing nets producers in the world. Through this research into automating and producing machines, KKF’s R&D team developed skills in PLC control, temperature control, pressure control, software development, mechanical adaptability, wireless communications and many more; skills that would eventually become the foundation of the future.

In 2010, Mr. Winit and the R&D team started to develop a prototype ASRS system for KKF to increase the efficacy of the warehouse. Through a year of continuous improvement and testing in the lab of Fortune Machinery, the system became more stable and Mr. Winit began implementing the system for other sister companies under the KIG group (holding company of KKF, Fortune Machinery, KR Plastics, ETC.). He began with KKF and KR plastics, installing single deep stacker cranes.

In 2013, After outside interest in Fortune Machinery’s ASRS system, Mr. Winit decided to restructure Fortune Machinery into Auto Motion Works. This was where he began to manufacture Systems to be sold to companies outside KIG’s group.