Product Kits


Unit Load Product Kit 1

Unit Load Product Kit 1

- Pallet type: 1 x 1.2 x 1.5 meters

- Maximum Weight: 500 kg

- In&Out Throughput: 20 Pallets/Hr

- Locations: 500

- Barcode Reader (instead of sensors for tracking distance)

Our unit load starter kit is designed to support a maximum load of 500kg pallets at a speed of 20 pallets per hour. This starter system is designed to be used in conjunction with production lines to help increase efficiency and productivity. The system utilizes one stacker crane, two racks, and two stations for inbounding and outbounding pallets. Our unit load kit comes in two sizes, 12 meters high by 66 meters long, and 10 meters high by 70 meters long; however, these kits can be customized to fit into most buildings shorter than 12 meters while maintaining the same amount of locations. The kit will also come with a basic warehouse management system with a simple user interface that can be easily learned.

Machine List

- 1 SRM (10 Meters)

- 2 PD Station (Fix Stand)

- Rack (70 meters)

- Computer for controlling the system & settings

- Basic WMS (User interface)


- Protective Fencing

- Access Door Contact Switch

- Sensor Holder

- Folding Bridge At Chain Conveyor

- Lift Sling Conveyor