Mini Load AS/RS

Mini Load AS/RS

Much like the Unit load but on a smaller scale, the mini load is designed to handle smaller products in boxes and smaller containers. This includes products such as spare parts, documents, etc. The mini load is most efficiently utilized with products that require faster throughput and can handle materials in a range of 5-50 kilograms. Like the unit load, the mini load crane operates by moving the containers from the picking bays to the storage locations and vice versa.

The key benefits of the mini load include fast storage and retrieval throughput, inventory organization, elimination of manual errors.

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity: 5 - 50 kg

S/R Machine Hieght: 3 - 23 m

Horizontal Speed: 100 - 300 m/min

Vertical Speed: 40 - 140 m/min

Shuttle Speed: 20 - 90 m/min

All Specifications Can Be Customized To Customer's Requirements