Pallet Dispenser & Stacker

Pallet Dispenser & Stacker

The Pallet Dispenser and Stacker is used to stack empty pallets. This increases operations convenience and decreases space utilization. In addition, the empty pallets are not only automatically dispensed towards inbound areas, but are also dispensed back into the storage system for storage, saving space and awaiting to be reutilized.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: Max. 10 Empty Pallets

Lifting Time: 2.5 s

Swivel Time: 1.5 s

Drive Power Swivel: 2 x 0.37 kW

Drive Power Lift: Max. 1.7 kW

Width of Pallet Storage Unit: Min. Pallet Width + 200 mm | Max. 1610 mm

Conveyor Height: Min. 650 mm

Total Eccentric Lift: 240 mm

All Specifications Can Be Customized To Customer's Requirements