Rail Guided Vechicle

Rail Guided Vehicle

The Rail Guided Vehicle adds ease of transportation within a warehouse system, eliminating the forklift while increasing safety. Organization and process flow is enhanced through designated transport routes from outbound to sorting, picking/packing areas. The RGV travels on a monorail circuit, allowing for increased speed of operation and an increased handling capacity compared to traditional forklifts.

The key benefits of the RGV include: responsiveness and speed, efficient automated material flow, simplicity, higher ASRS throughput, heavy lifting capabilities



Technical Specifications

Traveling Speed: Max. 200 m/min

Acceleration: 1.0 m/s2

Drive Power: Max. 2.2 kW

Energy Supply: High Tro-Reel System

Data Transmission: Wireless Communication

Chain Level Height: Min. 450 mm | Max. 1000 mm

Chain Length: Pallet Length + 100 mm

Chain Width: Pallet Length + 80 mm | Pallet Width + 100 mm

Chain Motor Drive: Max. 0.75 kW

Transport Type: Chain & Roller

Total Lift Height: 50 mm

Lift Height of Load Unit: 10 mm

Height of M/C: Min. 450 mm

Max Unit Load: 1500 kg

All Specifications Can Be Customized To Customer's Requirements


- Protective Fencing

- Access Door Contact Switch

- Sensor Holder

- Folding Bridge At Chain Conveyor

- Lift Sling Conveyor

- Ground Level Conveyor