Boonthavorn is one of Thailand’s leading home improvements companies. With a diverse product mix and a global supply chain, Boonthavorn receives a large number of imported shipments daily. Boonthavorn has over 30,000 home improvement SKUs that weigh up to 1.5 tons. As Boonthavorn continues to scale up, they look to simultaneously grow their warehousing efficiencies and storage volume by building a new warehousing facility specifically for their ceramic tiles.


Due to their large number of daily supply imports and product exports, Boonthavorn wanted to improve their product locationing and product picking accuracy at their new warehouse to minimize lead times and inefficiencies. Locationing and picking accuracy is crucial to Boonthavorn’s business because within each SKU there are slight variations in the product depending on the production lot (Ceramic tiles under the same SKU may have variations in tint due to the production process). This greatly increases the specificity needed in locating not only the correct SKU, but also the correct production lot within each SKU.

Another need that they wanted to address was using their limited space efficiently. Boonthavorn was originally using a traditional manual warehouse utilizing VNA forklifts. However, due to the high cost of maintenance and the slow throughput of VNA systems Boonthavorn looked for another solution. Boonthavorn wanted to expand their warehouse to maximize the height of the building and reduce labor and forklifts to increase the cost effectiveness of the space. This was all done to increase the ROI on their new storage systems.


Auto Motion Works proposed an automatic storage and retrieval system to increase efficiencies and meet the different needs of Boonthavorn. The Final ASRS system features 15 vertical stacker cranes that support up to 30,000 locations with a product handling speed of approximately 450 pallets per hour. The ASRS system also incorporates a pallet stacker as well as a dispenser. The pallet stacker and dispenser ensures efficient pallet management as the master pallet is organized and cycled within the closed system. This increases the lifespan of the wooden pallet. The system also seamlessly integrates the new warehouse control system (WCS) with Boonthavorn’s existing SAP warehouse management system (WMS) through the use of a custom application programming interface (API).The Boonthavorn automated warehouse system designed and installed by Auto Motion Works has been operating since 2017.