Auto Motion Works has worked with various government organizations to produce customized solutions to enhance their work process and efficiencies. The three main projects include an automated secure storage system for Bank of Thailand, Custom ASRS system to handle military materials for the Thai army, and two research labs for Khon Kaen University’s engineering department.

The Bank of Thailand’s System is a fully secure and closed system that handles money that comes in from commercial banks and money printing facilities. The system takes in two types of inputs, both pallet types and trolly types that are automatically sorted and stored. The system has many integrated security measures to restrict access to people, providing a high level of security.

Through TMC, we designed a system for the Thai army that handles steel shafts weighing 3 tons and has an average length of 6 meters, thus the system has to be specially customized to handle such irregular product sizes. The system has custom designed conveyors and stacker cranes to meet these needs.

The Khon Kaen University’s project is focused on education. The system was built for the engineering department to allow students to work with automated material handling. The lab features one miniload system.